Top 7 Information Security Risks For Canadian Startups

Are you a Canadian interested in a startup? If so, here’s a scary fact: most data-breach victims come from startups. But don’t back down from the challenge. We’re here to help.

#1: Documents & Digitized Data

The year 2017 was a big one for data breaches. There were 1300 of them, and this resulted in the elimination of 2.6 billion digitized records. Those numbers are scary. In today’s society, many startups are looking to implement the newest technologies to help on the road towards success. Many useful business apps can give you a leg up. Security becomes huge in this aspect.

There are many security tips that you can use to your advantage. Also be sure to implement useful security software into your business model.

#2: Frightening Phishing

Phishing is still around for 1 reason. And that’s because it still works. Ready for another scary statistic? Over 70% of businesses have reported attempted phishing attacks. These types of attacks are typically in the form of emails. Be wary of what you click on. Always check the source of where your emails are coming from.

#3: Be Aware Of Ransomware

The keyword here is “ransom.” Ransomware will lock you out of your technology until you pay your dues. This is the tech-world form of kidnapping. Usually, the criminals will look for payments in the form of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin. Make sure that you have some form of anti-malware software. Bitdefender works well, and Norton Antivirus is ideal as well.

#4: Connections Through WiFi

If you’re interested in a startup, then the odds are that you’ll use WiFi at some point in time for your business. The biggest WiFi threats are the publicly-accessible ones. If you’re going to use a public hotspot, be sure that you follow proper security procedures. A lot of startup accelerators use public networks where each company has the same access.

#5: Common Human Errors

Your startup may have the best security protocols in place. But these can never account for human error. Did you know that one-fourth of all employees use 1 password for many accounts? This is not a safe method. Also, less than half of employees use technology that is properly secure. Play it smart, and don’t be another negative statistic.

#6: IoT (Internet of Things)

The internet is starting to become implemented into everything. Coffee makers even have an internet connection now. It’s out with the old, and in with the new security policies. Because they are becoming outdated rather quickly. You’ll need to be aware of all the up-and-coming security risks that come along with emerging technology, and their connection to the internet. On a more comical note, do we really need firewalls for our toasters now?

#7: CAUTION: Cryptojacking

Cryptocurrency isn’t quite at the height that it used to be (for example: Bitcoin). But it’s still a major player in many businesses today. And that probably won’t change in the near future. It’s time to get familiar with workplace computer protection. If you don’t think cryptojacking is a big deal, just read this statistic: in the UK, 59% of businesses have been affected.


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