When Is The Right Time To Hire A CISO In Canada?

So you’re managing a company. It’s still fairly new, and hasn’t really grown to a huge size (yet). You may be scratching your head, wondering when the best time would be to hire a Chief Information Security Officer. The simple answer is this: it depends.

Different companies have different approaches when it comes to security. For example, many companies begin their first “security hires” as architects or generalists. Highly-regulated industries may hire a compliance manager right from the get-go, in order to avoid any legal complications. Your situation is going to play a big factor in your hiring decision.

Now, let’s discuss the CISO role a little further. Hiring one is a huge decision. One thing is for certain, and it’s this: you don’t want to wait until it’s too late. You don’t want to wait until a massive breach has taken place. You don’t want to wait until your security systems have completely broken down. This would put a lot of unwanted stress on your new hire.

So, When Is A Good Time To Hire A CISO?

This is what you came here for, right? Let’s get right to it. Below are 5 keys that should unlock your reasoning for hiring a CISO or refraining from hiring one.

  1. Are you ready to pull up a seat at the table for your cybersecurity needs? This is a table that sits your CEO, CTO, CIO, and possibly even your board. If you’re willing to open this opportunity for communication between the CISO and all of these members, then you’re ready to hire one.
  2. A CISO will need the freedom to independently represent the entire security of your organization. He or she will be his/her own voice, and not just someone who reports to the CEO all of the time. If this is the type of person you need, then you should hire one.
  3. Do you visualize your CISO occasionally just checking through your computer’s firewall for updates? Or other very basic things? If so, then you probably don’t need one right now. Save the hiring for when you really need bigger security tasks accomplished.
  4. Are you tired of just skating past security concerns, hoping that you’ll never get caught in a security breach? Is the clock ticking? If so, a CISO is the safety net you need.
  5. The capabilities of a CISO can be endless. This individual will have real-world words and ideas that can really shake up your company. And it’s all in the name of security. If you’re not prepared for this, then you’re not ready for what a CISO has to offer.

Is A CISO Right For You?

That’s for you to decide. Just remember that a CISO is a leader who is fully capable of thinking both as an individual, and in a team environment. Be prepared for what a CISO can truly offer to your organization. A CISO can take your security game to a whole other level, and isn’t just someone who will check your computer for updates from time to time.


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